About Us

At AG Star Limited we strive to provide you with some of the rarest SL parts. Whether it's for a 1954 prototype 190 SL or a 1985 280 SL Euro market car if we don't have what you need we can probably help you find it.

The primary focus of AG Star is Mercedes-Benz cars made from 1954 to 1989.

Chassis and Car

W121 190SL

W198 300SL

W113 230SL 250SL 280SL

R107 350SL 450SL 380SL 280SL 300SL 420SL 500SL 560SL

C107 450SLC 380SLC 280SLC 500SLC 

We stock everything from complete engines and transmissions to all body panels and can cut to order most body pieces for R107 and C107 cars.