My 560SL radio is terrible what can I do?

My 560SL radio is terrible what can I do?

Many people who have an R107 or c107 chassis car such as a 450SL 380SL 500SL or 560SL face a underperforming radio.

With modern conveniences such as Bluetooth the original radio in the car leaves a little bit to be desired. However many owners are struck the problem of putting a new radio in a car and having it was terrible afterwards.

So what can you do if your car has the original radio that doesn't work or just really leaves a lot to be desired. Well you have a few options first off your car would have been made with a Becker radio. Better which does produce high-quality reindeers currently has its US headquarters in New Jersey. In what many people do not realise that Becca has a service where they rob you can send in your own radio and have it repaired to fully working condition

One thing a lot of people don't know is that not only will back or repair your radio but they will also add Bluetooth to your radio which is nearly impossible this tell to the naked eye. What are the actual modification itself isn't that hard if your hand with the soldering iron affect the beko will refurbish radio on my Bluetooth is pretty nice for most people but average tech abilities.

Now some people will say what that's very nice but I want a radio with a USB input auxiliary cord and Bluetooth. So what is the best option if you want something that matches the style of your car?

Continental better known for making tyres does make a few vintage radio options which look ok in the r107 and c107 chassis. The radio itself has a retro look and features similar material feels to the age of the car. The prices are reasonable and will generally cost less than adding Bluetooth or refurbishment at Becker.

Which channel is that the car should only have the radio that was made with in for that reason would strongly go in favour of a refurbished Becker radio with Bluetooth. No he don't particularly care if the radio matches the interior the car the mirror hundreds if not thousands of single DIN options that will fit your car.

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